Bogus Certifications

CRSQA (Council for Refractive Quality Assurance) is a referral service operated by Glenn Hagele out of his home, on behalf of a small number of LASIK surgeons.  Despite its pretentious name, CRSQA is just a cynical marketing ploy that “certifies” refractive surgeons willing to fork over $7,000 in the first year and $5,000/year thereafter.  In exchange, Glenn Hagele provides these surgeons with a  bogus seal of approval on his web site to promote their practices.  Don’t be fooled by Glenn Hagele’s advertising claims – CRSQA’s quality “standards” are actually below industry standards.  Glenn Hagele is not qualified to issue certifications as he is not a doctor, but simply a High School graduate.   See a video of Glenn Hagele from the public records of the King County Courthouse in Seattle, Washington in which he explained the nature and origins of CRSQA.

Stephen Updegraff was one of the original members of CRSQA, going back at least as far as 2002.  Stephen Updegraff doesn’t currently run advertisements about his early involvement in CRSQA.  He probably doesn’t want it to be publicly known that he was once a member of an organization that got caught engaging in widespread criminal activity which included:

  • Solicitation of murder between two CRSQA surgeons.

  • Burglaries

  • Wiretapping

  • Coercion of expert witnesses in medical malpractice case

  • Attempted extortion of surgeons who were not members of the organization

  • Theft of banking records

  • Drug dealing

You can learn more about some of CRSQA’s criminal activity at the following URLs: