FDA Warns LASIK Providers: Stop Making False Claims

On 9/23/2011, the FDA issued a Letter to Eye Care Professionals. From the HealthDay article: In its latest salvo against deceptive, potentially harmful advertising, the FDA is now giving eye doctors 90 days to get in line and update any advertising or promotional materials that make false claims. After this time, the agency will take regulatory action, said FDA spokeswoman Erica Jefferson.

On 1/6/2011, the former head of the FDA branch responsible for reviewing LASIK clinical trials filed a petition with the FDA calling for immediate withdrawal of approval for LASIK. Read the petition and show your support. Sign petition

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7/29/2011: FDA urged to revamp its 510(k) process for clearing medical devices, which includes all-laser bladeless IntraLase lasers. Read article Read what LASIK patient advocates are saying about this: Link

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4/19/2010: editor criticizes FDA regulation of LASIK devices and its relationship with the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery (ASCRS), and criticizes FDA’s decision to collaborate with Department of Defense (Navy) in LASIK study. Read letter

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ABC Good Morning America 2/25/2010: Former FDA regulator says LASIK side effects weren’t taken seriously enough.

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11/6/2009: FDA Public Health Advisory Sought on LASIK Hazards. Read article

10/20/2009: FDA issued warning letters to LASIK clinics after inspections revealed inadequate systems for reporting unexpected side effects (adverse events). Link to FDA Consumer Update

Editor’s note: We recommend that Dr. Stephen Updegraff of Updegraff Vision take steps to ensure that his surgery center has procedures in place to report bad outcomes from LASIK, such as chronic dry eyes and night vision problems, to comply with federal law.

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