LASIK in Tampa

If you think “doing your homework” before having LASIK means trying to figure out who the “best” surgeon is, there is something you should know. Patients of so-called “best” surgeons have had catastrophic outcomes from LASIK and suffered permanent vision loss (just ask comedian Kathy Griffin).

The problem lies with the surgical procedure itself. LASIK not only carries risk of unexpected complications, there are negative consequences in every single LASIK case. How can this be? Keep reading.

The reason LASIK continues to be a popular surgery is, in part, because LASIK patients may not be aware of negative consequences of LASIK for months or years. Your surgeon may warn you that there is a low risk of serious complications of LASIK, but your surgeon probably won’t tell you “the rest of the story”.

It doesn’t matter which surgeon you choose — Lewis Groden of LasikPlus, David H. Leach, M.D. of Tampa Eye Laser Center, Antonio Prado of Prado Vision and Lasik Center or any other surgeon practicing LASIK in the Tampa Bay area. And it doesn’t matter if you choose the LASIK surgeon with the ‘best reputation’ or the one who offers the ‘lowest price’. LASIK will leave your cornea thinner, weaker, and more suseptible to delayed complications. LASIK creates problems for future cataract surgery and on-going eyecare such as glaucoma screening. The LASIK flap will never heal and can be accidentally dislodged for the rest of a patient’s life. Infectious organisms can more easily penetrate a cornea that has had LASIK. Corneal nerves which play a vital role in producing tears are severed during LASIK, which may lead to chronic dry eyes. LASIK almost universally leads to a reduction in visual quality — most LASIK patients do not see as well after LASIK as they did with their contacts or glasses. And these problems still occur even with the latest technology.

Long-term studies of LASIK demonstrate that visual results of LASIK decline over time. Even Tiger Woods had to have LASIK repeated. Why expose your eyes to permanent harm for a surgical outcome that likely won’t be permanent?

If you’re under age 40, you should know that someday myopia will be your friend. All LASIK patients who achieve good distance correction will need glasses for near-vision eventually.

The only good thing about having LASIK in Tampa is the humidity because your eyes may be so dry after LASIK that you’ll finally have a reason to appreciate the steamy Florida weather.

LASIK is a harmful, unnecessary surgery. You would be wise to keep your glasses!


Note: We do not recommend Dr. Stephen Updegraff, MD or any LASIK surgeon in Tampa Florida or elsewhere.