Dr. Stephen Updegraff

LASIK Investigative Report: 20/20 Hindsight

Undercover investigation exposes employees of LASIK clinics lying to prospective patients about risks of LASIK:

Dr. John Kanellopoulos: “There was evidence presented by Emory University’s Henry Edelhauser at this year’s Refractive Surgery Subspecialty Day at the Academy of Ophthalmology meeting that the LASIK flap never actually heals onto the underlying stroma, especially centrally… This was a real eye-opener for me…” (Review of Ophthalmology 2/1/2009)

The photo below illustrates a non-healed LASIK flap in an eye that had LASIK several years ago. LASIK patients are at life-long risk of flap dislocation, corneal ectasia, and increased risk of corneal infection.

unhealed lasik flapStephen Updegraff, MD is a LASIK surgeon practicing in Florida in the Tampa Bay area. His website gives the address of his Updegraff Vision surgery center in St. Petersburg, Florida.

On his website homepage, Dr. Stephen Updegraff claims to have performed over 30,000 ‘successful’ refractive procedures, including LASIK. I didn’t see any mention of how many of his surgeries were ‘unsuccessful’ or resulted in serious complications. From what I’ve seen, LASIK surgeons like to boast about their successes, but they don’t accept responsibility for the problems they create.

The testimonials page on Dr. Stephen Updegraff’s website is pure marketing hype, in my opinion. I only read the first few testimonials, so I can’t say for certain if there are any testimonials from unhappy patients but I doubt it.

Stephen Updegraff, MD of Updegraff Vision advertises All Laser Precision IntraLase LASIK on his website. See my web page which exposes the problems of bladeless LASIK technology.

I’ve noticed lately that Dr. Stephen Updegraff is advertising “lens implant” surgery as an alternative to LASIK. In my opinion, that device is more dangerous than LASIK! Read more ›

In my opinion, Dr. Stephen Updegraff’s commercials are misleading because they don’t disclose the risks and potential complications, side effects and problems of LASIK, such as chronic dry eyes and night vision problems.

I feel that Stephen Updegraff, MD is an aggressive LASIK marketer and promoter. His LASIK commericals junk up the Tampa Bay airwaves. Dr. Stephen Updegraff must pay a lot of money to broadcast his Updegraff Vision LASIK commercials into my home and car. Everywhere I go, there is Stephen Updegraff, MD and his annoying LASIK commercials.

I am so sick of hearing Dr. Stephen Updegraff’s LASIK commercials that I built this website in protest. And since I am spending money to complain about Dr. Stephen Updegraff’s LASIK commercials, I might as well take this opportunity to warn prospective patients about the inherent risks of LASIK eye surgery. That’s worth the price of domain registration and website hosting.

Perhaps Stephen Updegraff, M.D. should check the beach forecast and ‘refocus’ his practice on general and geriatric eye care. Read LOW TIDE warning.

We are now at a new low ebb, with LASIK volumes off 35% and much more. However, as happens at the end of every boom cycle I’ve experienced, some refractive surgeons are always left stranded up on the beach when the tide goes out.” John Pinto